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In the fullness of time...reloved luxury purchases.

Garage sale. Thrift shop. Tag sale. Flea market. Consignment. Used. Old. Old?

Preloved! Reimagined! Reloved. Yes, why not Reloved Luxury? That's it! Even I used to laugh at the term "preloved" until I fell in love and bought my first old bag! 🤩

Some people are hesitant to buy something "old" or "used".

Are you one of them?

Minimalist, black patent leather Ferragamo bag.
Sleek, sophisticated.

If your beloved mother, grandmother or even great-grandmother left you personal items, and one happened to be a beautiful designer handbag, one that could have been taken off the arm of Holly Golightly as she traipsed out of Tiffany's in her LBD, loved and cherished by her in all it's patinated glory, how would you feel about that bag?

Would you see how lovingly it was cared for over the years? Would you wonder how often she wore it, was it like her good China, only brought out on special occasions? Do you remember her wearing it?

That's what I do with every bag I find, I wonder who owned it, did they wear it often, did it distinguish their style? Was it one of many, or of a coveted few? Was it barely worn? Was it worn in all the right places, did the leather have a beautiful glow? Was it still beautiful?

As someone who 're-homes' luxury items, these bags are easy to get attached to and difficult to let go, because their beauty is timeless and style classic. Will they get a good home? Will someone love it and care for it or will it be tossed in a corner? Will it go with my new jacket? Maybe I want to keep it. Yes, I do! I want to keep this one! And I have, I've kept some by golly. Though I'm fond of most, I have favorites!

Fake Gucci handbag
Wha !?

Others may not be sure of it's authenticity, or the authentication process.

Is that you?

Do you need to feel "safe" and buy from a huge corporation who makes tons off unsuspecting consumers and sellers alike? (What a racket! I got into the wrong one). I hope that's not you! Have you seen the prices of "luxury" bags on Amazon lately ? (OMG! That isn't OK!)

White Louis Vuitton Alma bag
White LV designer bag

Or even there are those of you who want the next new, shiny thing, something as pure as the driven snow. And there's nothing wrong with that. But we are about items that have a history, that are history. They each have a story, one you can add to if you are so inclined.

LuxeRethreads started small... in our dining room. We don't have a "social culture", nor a business cafeteria. We don't punch time clocks, we don't have office picnics. We don't have "staff," we're still small.

We love beautiful things, appreciate great design, standby our products and authenticate them. We admit to any mistakes we might make (which are very few Indeed because we care and because we're careful), no questions asked. We deliver our products in a timely manner and we are sustainable by our very nature. We enjoy interactions with our wonderful customers. Oh, did I mention we have fun?

Remember, vintage pieces can be anywhere from 20 to 80 years old. They show signs of wear because they have been loved and used. This is normal and it's what gives vintage its character. Please don't expect a new and flawless condition...that's not vintage.

Let us know what you think, join the discussion... what are your experiences, concerns, ask away. We want to know what's your bag?

Leslie and the LuxeRethreads Team

(Psst! Wasn't that you I saw at Goodwill yesterday??)

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