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Is it Authentic?

Updated: Mar 10

Have you ever been in an auction, say on Poshmark for example, and seen in the chat "Is it authentic"? I always have to laugh at that question because what is the auctioneer going to say… No, it's not authentic?

When I first started selling luxury bags, I was under the assumption that the tag inside with the serial number was sufficient in determining its authenticity. But that is not near enough. Through my reading and talking with the experts in the field, the manufacturing of fake luxury bags is a full-blown industry in itself, and we have to be vigilant whether it be purchasing a piece or selling to make certain it's authentic.

Whether you are buying a new luxury bag or a preowned one, there are steps you can take to make certain it's authentic.

  • The main one is using a reputable authentication company. I understand that it's an additional cost to the piece, but spending my hard earned money and finding out that it's a fake is SO depressing and I've learned my lesson...the hard way. (anyone want a fake Balenciaga?...just kidding) It's worth the extra cost. And yes, I add the cost of authentication to the asking price of the piece. There are several reputable companies who authenticate, but over the years I've come to use exclusively.

  • If I buy from an online auction, like Poshmark for example, I only buy from sellers that I have a history with and trust. I might miss out on a great deal that is being auctioned off in a share show, but I would rather be safe than sorry and not depressed, right?... there's another great deal down the line with my name on it!

  • If I buy from an on-line selling platform, like Poshmark, eBay, the Real Real, etc., I read all the text they offer and if a COA (Certificate of Authenticity), does not come with it, then I pass. There are occasions when the selling platform does, in fact, authenticate before they ship it to you, but this should be stated on the selling post itself that the platform will indeed authenticate.

  • Lastly, if I buy from an estate sale, which I do a lot, I have to rely on my expertise and instincts. But there are a few tools and tips that I've gotten from a blog post on Real Authentication on spotting a fake. Check out this fascinating piece that they put together. HERE I carry it with me at all times!

So, do me a favor....don't ask if the bag is Authentic, ok? Because their answer will always be yes. Instead, ask "Can this bag be authenticated?" or "May I have this bag authenticated, please?" Their answer will save you a lot of moola.

love, Leslie and the Luxe Rethreads Team

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This is great information for the general buying public, especially for those new to luxury and preloved luxury purchases. Let’s hear more!

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